Lenovo Outs New Business Notebooks and Desktops

Lenovo today unveiled a new selection of laptops that is meant for small and medium businesses. The new ThinkPad E-series of business laptops and three new S-line desktop models.

The new E-series models, which comprise the E460/E465 and the E560/E565 will sport 14 and 15.6-inch displays respectively and will come with the usual features and hardware that Lenovo installs on its business-focused Thinkpad laptops. These include the latest Intel or AMD processors, 16GB of RAM and an optional fingerprint sensor.

Both models is said to last for up to 9 hours and can come with an optional discrete graphics. Just like other models in the ThinkPad series, these laptops can be beefed up with several add-on features like 16GB of RAM and an Intel RealSense Technology 3D camera.

As for the new desktop models – the Lenovo S200z, S400Z and S500z are all AIO desktops while the S200 and S500 are small form factor tower types. The AIO models will be available in three different screen sizes – 19, 21.5 and 23 inches respectively with optional touchscreen.

On the other hand, the S200 and S500 will be your typical tower-type desktop PC that provides larger storage capability in exchange of portability. Connectivity wise, all of the desktop models will have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The Lenovo E460 and E465 will be available starting November for a little less of $550 and $500 respectively. The ThinkPad E560 and E565 will arrive at the same time as the E460/E465 models and will retail for around $549 for the E560 and $479 for the E565 model.

AS for the desktops, Lenovo hasn’t indicated any pricing and shipping information, but we’ll likely see them again before the end of the week at IFA in Germany. 

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