Intel’s Bay Trail to Push Laptop Prices Down to $200

Intel’s Bay Trail atom processors maybe the saving grace that Windows 8 is waiting for to increase its penetration and adoption in today’s nearly tablet-centric consumer market.

According to Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini, the arrival of their Bay trail chip will push prices down to $200 over the next couple of quarters. Intel’s Bay trail chip was first introduced in this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013) and promises to provide performance through quad-core processors without sacrificing power efficiency.

Based on recent reports, Windows 8 as well as the PC market in general has seen a decline in sales which some attribute to Windows 8’s poor performance and the market’s reluctance to upgrade their machines due to the ”tough” learning curve for new users to efficiently use the new system.

If Otellini’s statements were to become true, a lower price point Windows 8 touchscreen laptop may well be the solution for people to upgrade to Microsoft’s new operating system. At present, most touchscreen laptops cost at the very least $400-$500, while the more affordable and at times equally productive Android and Apple tablets run for around $200-$500.

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